Kremstal is a small, prestigious wine district at the very heart of Austria’s top winemaking zone. On either side of it lies the aristocracy of Austrian wine regions, to the northeast is Kamptal, and to the southwest, Wachau.

The district’s vineyards produce world-class Riesling, and characterful, full-bodied Zweigelt. However, the flagship Kremstal style wine is rich, round, aromatic Grüner Veltliner.

In terms of climate, Kremstal is slightly warmer than Wachau, a tad closer to the warmth of the Pannonian Plain to the east. The presence of the Danube helps to moderate the climate slightly, taking the edge off sweltering summer afternoons and fending off the worst winter frosts. Soil types in Kremstal vineyards are diverse – from clays to limestone in lower-lying sites to deep loess found further inland. Grüner Veltliner grows well on both of these soil types, producing some of Austria’s most intensely aromatic, full-bodied white wines.

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