The winery of the Kerschbaum family lies in mid-Burgenland, a region also called “Blaufränkischland”. It came to its name since the grape Blaufränkisch is primarily cultivated there. The wine shows its deep cherry aroma only on this piece of soil that reflects the region.

“….watching deliberately, imitating the nature, while never sitting back and doing nothing” – this sentence perfectly pictures Kerschbaum’s philosophy, which has brought the winery to the top-level of Burgenland’s wine producers and has created the remarkable “Kerschbaum – style”. The wine is throughout stunning and corpulent, inciting to drink more, as well as balanced and harmonious in its acid play.

The winery has received 4 stars from the Falstaff Magazine over the last 5 years from 2009–2013 consecutively.

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