About Me

My name is Gernot Klantschnig and I am passionate about German and Austrian wines. Having lived in both countries for many years brought me very close to their wine industries and producers. With many of them I work together since years, knowing the people and their vineyards and understanding how they grow and make their wines. Their constant aim for quality, not quantity, is crucial for me.

My aim is to bring only the best hand-selected products which meet the highes standards to the UK market and all wines I offer on my web-shop are already stored in UK and can be delivered within 1-2 days.

Enjoy the variety of our products and let me know should you need any help or advice.

Your satisfaction as our valued customer is our gratification. Let us convince you with top level products, competitive prices and great service.



Why GK Wine House

We focus on what we understand - German and Austrian wines. And we want to ensure that you, our customers, get great value for your money.

What is it, that makes German and Austrian wines so special?

A prime reason is the tradition of winemaking as grapevines have been cultivated in the same viticultural regions for many hundred years. Wines are synonymous with the landscape, the culture and daily life in both countries.Ideal geological and climatic elements provide the best conditions for making authentic, distinctive wines with character and personality. Austrian and German vintners  successfully combine traditional viticulture with modern vinification. Quality without compromise is their motto.

We focus on the cooperation with On- and Off-Trade customers.

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Gernot Klantschnig