Fine Wines from Austria and Germany

We offer more than 50 different wines from all of the major wine regions in Austria and Germany.  All of our wines are hand-selected for the UK market. We deal only with wineries we have known for years, so we fully understand their wine-making processes. All wines are already stored in the UK and can be delivered in 1 to 2 days.

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Wine of the Month - Rheingau Riesling Kabinett 2014

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Autumn Wine for Autumn Meals

In autumn, warming food like stews, roasts, chilli-con-carne and toad-in-the-hole start to appear more regularly on the dinner table. At Halloween and on Bonfire night we warm up with jacket potatoes and cheese, baked beans in tomato sauce, thick soup and hot dogs. All this hearty seasonal food calls for robust wine to match, as whatever is in your glass will need to stand up to those strong flavours and warming spices.

This outstanding Riesling Kabinett, Click here, is one of the Top products of the Rheingau winery Mohr in Germany and low in alcohol. Its excellent balance between acidity, residual sugar and fine mineral notes can perfectly counteract the fire on your palate.


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